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Our administrative body is known as the Court of Assistants, and since 1942 our Headquarters has been in Tallow Chandlers' Hall, where we hold our regular Court meetings, AGM and Installation ceremony as well as a number of social events.

Our membership limit is set at 3500 and this makes us the largest organisation of its kind in the City of London.

We have close relationships with other Guilds and Livery Companies in the UK and North America, and with the Corporation of London.  The Lord Mayor honours us as our Patron during his year in office.

We are a very active Guild, providing a programme of around 30 events each year.

The responsibility for the administration and activities of the Guild rests with the Master and Wardens, who hold office for one year, and the Court of Assistants, which includes Past Masters, Court Assistants and Guild Assistants. The Court meets 5 times a year to manage the Guild's business and to admit and welcome new members.

The Guild is a Company Limited by guarantee without share capital, with Company Number 109150. Members of the Court who are below the age of 80 are Directors of the company. You can read our Articles of Association here.



The Court of Assistants has set up a number of Committees to attend to the detailed affairs of the Guild:

  • The Past Masters' and Nominations Committee reports to the Court. It's role is to make timely recommendations to Court for all appointments to Court, Officers of the Guild, Trustees of the Guild’s charities and Chairmen of the Guild’s committees, and to provide appropriate advice to Court Assistants and Officers on their roles.
  • The Finance & General Purposes Committee is responsible for the Guild's financial affairs.
  • The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members.
  • The Investment Sub Committee is appointed by the Finance Committee to look after the Guild's investments and reserves.

Drawing on the recommendations of the Past Masters' and Nominations Committee, the Court of Assistants also appoints members of the Court to serve as Trustees to the Guild of Freemen of the City of London's Charity (formerly The Guild of Freemen Benevolent Fund) and to the British Humane Association.

Our Members


Annual Banquet at Guildhall

"A veritable tour de force; stunning atmosphere, seriously impressive food and a funny judge..what’s not to like!
Well done everyone" - Mrs J.D.

"A triumph" - Mr A.W."

"..a brilliant evening at Guildhall last night. The event was spectacular and we, our guests and everyone around us enjoyed it tremendously. A great highlight of a fantastic year" - Mr J.H.

"A magnificent evening was had by all" - Mr K.B.

"It really was the most wonderful and unforgettable evening " - Mrs K.J.

"It was a great privilege to be present of Friday evening on such a splendid occasion.  What a truly stunning and memorable evening. The organisation, the pageantry and the attention to detail was remarkable. A and I enjoyed it all enormously" - C H.C.

Master's Final Dinner at Fishmongers' Hall
"Just a line to say how much we enjoyed the dinner last night, super seat thank you! Please convey our thanks to the Master for a wonderful evening, superb food and company and thank him for all his events over the past year, we have had great times.
We now look forward to the next year, different venues and events." - Mr P.B.

Reception and Supper at Grocers' Hall
"My guests and I really really enjoyed the Ceremony and the dinner at Grocers’ Hall last evening, I am still on a high with sheer pleasure, you, everyone there so kind and welcoming". Mrs A R

"It was good to meet you at last and on such an excellent evening in one of the nicest Livery Halls in the City.  Thank you for making it such a special evening for M and me.   It was so well organised and enjoyable.   The food was first class and the company good as well". Mr D B

RNLI Demonstration and Supper at the Little Ship Club
"Thank you SO much for arranging a most enjoyable evening. Once again, I was able to catch up on friends and make new acquantainces - all thanks to you for the excellent place settings.  The weather was kind to us, the food was amazing and everybody around our table was very happy with the service and the meal."  Ms V H

"Following the interesting demonstration Guild Members and their guests retired back inside the Little Ship Club for a stunning two-course supper with some excellent wine and tremendous companionship discussing the RNLI’s great work being achieved on the tidal Thames.​" Mr D K


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